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A 4th grade girl made a clay butterfly for one of our counselors and wrote a note to her:  Dear Ms Emaly, I made you this clay butterfly because when my Daddy went to prison you helped me be happy again and fly!

Madison, age 11, stayed at one of the Hospitality Houses with her mother, and she wrote in the Family Connection journal about her father’s absence because of incarceration:
What I admire most about this house is the people who stay here are going through the same thing as you.  But it might not be in the same way.  So this house helps you get through the tough times with people who are like you and me.  And this house gives you strength to believe that your loved one is coming home.  But one thing you need to remember is your loved one is still going to be in your heart even if they are not at home right now.

What children say about Children's Connection:
It is great and makes me feel safe
  • It helped with learning to control my anger
  • I liked knowing I am not alone
  • I feel happier, not as sad
  • I think this group can help people gain good self-esteem, self-confidence and get healthier

What parents say about Children's Connection:
  • My child seems to be happier: 92.3% agree
  • My child’s behavior has improved: 84.6% agree
  • My child’s grades have improved: 76.9% agree 

What teachers say about Children's Connection:
  • I have seen positive changes in this child
  • Thanks for your hard work – it makes a difference!
  • She liked having a group to belong to
  • He is becoming more confident and less likely to have a meltdown when disappointed
  • She was able to handle situations in a more positive way

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