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Children's Connections

According to research completed in 2010, 556 children in the Sioux Falls area have a parent or loved one in prison. Children’s Connection is providing these children with prevention programming to assist them in breaking this cycle of incarceration.

Early intervention is the key to prevention. By getting involved with these children before they have an encounter with the criminal justice system Family Connection is improving their odds of success.    
A Bill of Rights has been written for Children of Incarcerated Parents- the sixth right in this bill states: I have the right to Support as I Face my Parent’s Incarceration. Children’s Connection provides this support in the Sioux Falls community.    
Children’s Connection is seeing results- from 2002 through 2024 Family Connection has seen a 437% jump in the number of children attending group.  Our Children’s Connection program facilitated 867 group sessions, with 4,233 child contacts, in five middle schools and seven elementary schools in the Sioux Falls School District during the 2022-2023 school year. Additionally, Children’s Connection helps children who have a parent or close family member in prison through periodic family events. 

Help For Sioux Falls Area Families 
Project Family Connect is a cooperative effort between Family Connection and the Sioux Falls Seminary Marriage and Family Therapy Counseling Program. This project provides free counseling for families coping with the stresses associated with imprisonment or reintegration into the family and society after imprisonment.

Services are located in the offices of Sioux Falls Psychological at:
1410 West 25th Street, Sioux Falls

Appointments can be made by calling (605) 334-2696 and asking for Project Family Connect services.

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